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Daycare-WebsiteSUMC Daycare

Providing sensitive and loving care for children from six weeks through Kindergarten. Children form loving bonds with their caregivers and enjoy age appropriate experiences such as art, music, story time, and outdoor play in the shaded playground complete with mister system. Growing up in this environment, children learn how to cooperate and share with their peers while developing their fine and gross motor skills. Activities at this age promote self esteem, self reliance, and academic functions.
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Preschool1SUMC Preschool

At our cooperative preschool children learn about the world around them through a variety of experiences such as language, art, science, music, books, blocks, role playing, cooking, and field trips. Here, children are comfortable exploring new ideas because they are surrounded by loving teachers and parents. Children in our program can look forward to attending school every day.
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